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H.G.C. Custom Remington 700 7mm Mag. II

AL_Rem_7mm_Mag1.jpg (40782 bytes)      AL_Rem_7mm_Mag2.jpg (71464 bytes)

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Features Materials
Chamber 7mm Rem. Mag. Remington 700 BDL LA Receiver
Polish Chamber to Mirror Finish Shilen .284 #4 SS Match lapped 1x11 26" Barrel
Flute Barrel 8 Flutes H-S Precision Pro-Series Stock / Tan w/ Black Web Finish
Turn & True Receiver Face Shilen Oversized Recoil Lug
Turn & True Receiver Lugs & Bolt Lugs Shilen Std. Adj. Trigger
Hand Lap Locking Lugs & Bolt Ways to 600 grit polish Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
Step Crown Muzzle & Lap to 400 grit polish Uncle Mikes Sling Swivel Studs
Cryo Barrel & Action
Inlet Stock for Barreled Action
Glass Bed Action & Barrel Channel / Free Float Barrel
Black Moly Coat Finish
Polish & Blue Bolt Body
Adj. Trigger Pull to 2 lb.
Test Fire for Accuracy

Rifle Weight: 7 lb.

We can build one like this or change it to meet your needs or budget.


Bullet_Hole_3.gif (1352 bytes) Range: 100 yards Bag Rest 3 Shot Group = .366" center to center.

Bullet_Hole_3.gif (1352 bytes) Ammunition: Winchester Supreme 7mm Mag. 140gr. Ballistic Silver Tip.

AL_Rem_7mm_Mag_Tgt.JPG (174476 bytes)

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These are the first rounds fired through the barrel to establish the accuracy potential of the gun using factory ammunition as a standard. I feel that with a proper break in period and good handloads the gun is   capable of shooting better groups than this. TH.

Below is a letter from the customer and the target he shot.


Pricing: P.O.R. 

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