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H.G.C. AR15 & AR08 Rifles

    In the pursuit of quality, precision, and truly customizable products, HGC has designed our own line of stock and custom AR-15ís. Our AR line starts with our custom receivers being CNC machined from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum. The billet upper receiver comes standard with a flat top rail that makes any optic configuration easy and compatible. Our billet lowers include an engraved pictograph designating the safe and fire functions as well as an engraved United States flag.

Our Custom AR line offer's an array of  upgrades. Options such as custom barrels with different twists to meet the accuracy potential for the bullet weight that the customer will be using. Also, NM Fluted Bolt Carriers and bolts, collapsible / tactical stocks, custom triggers and custom billet machined handguards.

.223 Rifles

Base AR15HB Rifles Semi Custom AR15HB Rifles Custom AR-15 Rifles 308 Rifles
AR15HB CAR 16" M4               AR15 Sidewinder Gen.2   

AR15HB CAR 16" BULL Custom    

AR08 RAPTR Gen.2       

AR15HB CAR 16" HBAR          AR15HB 24" .204 LH            

AR-15 HTAR-A3T                                  


AR15HB 20" HBAR              AR15HB 16" HBAR (Titanium)    

AR-15 HRT                           

AR15HB 24" BULL             AR15HB CAR 16" HBAR           

AR-15 HTAR-A3TC                          


AR15HB CAR 16" BULL - II      

AR-15 TARGET/VARMINT-I             


AR15HB CAR 16" BULL            

AR-15 TARGET/VARMINT-II            



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