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H.G.C. AR15HB Sidewinder Gen. 2



Shown with optional Elf Trigger & Hogue Grip

HGC Side Charge Features


 Operation of the charging handle can be done with the shooter's supporting hand, while the weapon is still shouldered. This allows the operator to maintain a good cheek weld and on-target sight picture.

A simple rearward pull of the charging handle will work the action, but once charged, the handle stays locked forward while the action cycles. The shooter doesn’t have to worry about the handle impacting their hand, their cover, or barriers during operation.

 Ideal scope position is often compromised on rifles with a traditional charging handle. In many cases, optics must be installed higher and/or further forward so their objective lens won’t interfere with the operation of a rear charging handle. Our side charge upper design allows a shooter to have their scope installed as low and far back as preferred with more options on usable mounts/rings


HGC Gen. 4 Billet Lower Receiver
Checkering on front of Mag. Well
A3 Billet Left Side Charge Upper
16" SS Fluted HBAR 1x9 Twist Barrel
12.5" KeyMod Handguard
Lo-Profile Gas Block
6 Position Collapsible Stock
Flip Sight Set
1 - 3" KeyMod Rail Section
30rd. Aluminum Magazine
QD 1-1/4" Sling Swivel
1-1/4" Black Nylon Sling
A2 Flash Suppressor
Std. Grip
Std. Trigger Group
Black Nylon Tactical Soft Case


   7-1/2 Lbs.


Standard Black starting at $ POR
Magpul Dark Earth & Black
starting at $ POR

Elftmann AR15 Match 2-3/4lb
 Needle Bearing Trigger

HGC Side Charge Features 

Our side charge handle is also very easy to operate while in prone or other tactical shooting positions, all the while maintaining a good cheek weld and on-target sight picture.

By keeping a static non-folding handle, it is much less likely to get snagged in a MOLLE strap, and its blunt shape reduces the pressure on the operator should they come into more forceful contact with the handle.


In the event of a malfunction, like a stuck case, the charging handle can handle whatever force is needed to quickly clear the rifle. And, in many cases, the forward mounting of the handle allows the shooter to keep the rifle shouldered and on target while being able to exert a great deal of force, if needed, to clear their weapon.

The rear access door and charging handle slide cover were designed to keep operating gasses inside the firearm.
When shooting suppressed, operator exposure to the increased back pressure gasses are significantly reduced.


Additional KeyMod Rail Sections $15.95
Hogue Grip $17.95
Elftmann Match Adj. Single Stage Trigger $220.00
Most of the common accessory items & brands
Stocks, Grips, Flash Suppressors, Magazines, Etc.


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