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H.G.C. Hershey Centennial .44-40 Rifle

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Materials List
Machine Octagon Barrel to get back Sharp Edges Winchester 1892 .44-40 Rifle
Draw File Barrel to Remove Machine Marks Fajen Extra Fancy American Black Walnut
Polish Parts to be Blued to Mirror Finish & Blue 1892 Silver Dollar
Polish & Hard Chrome Selected Parts Misc. Replacement Screws & Parts
Inlet Butt Stock for Action & Butt Plate
Inlet Forend for Barrel & Forend Cap
Sand Stock to 600 Grit & Apply Sealer
Apply 8 Coats Hand Rubbed Oil Finish
Inlay Silver Dollar & Fill with Clear Epoxy Resin
Checker Butt Stock & Forend 20Lpi.
Engrave Left & Right Side of Receiver
Walnut Display Stand with Glass Cover

This is a one of a kind rifle rebuilt for the city of Hershey, Nebraska in 1992 for their Centennial. We found an old Winchester 1892 .44-40 with an octagon barrel that still had a good bore. Due to the value of these guns and what we were going do. We didn't want to destroy a good collector gun. We were able to come up with one that was rusted and had no wood that was going to be disassembled for parts. A great deal of hand labor went into the restoration of this gun. We had to be careful not to remove any of the original lettering on the barrel, which was difficult as the octagon was rounded off and needed to be brought back to sharp clean edges.

The city raffled this gun off and the lucky winner was from the Hershey area.

Pricing: P.O.R.

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