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H.G.C. Custom Remington 700 .308 I

DR Rem 308-2.JPG (102937 bytes)        DR Rem 3081.JPG (112943 bytes)

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Features Materials
Chamber .308 Palma Match Remington 700 Action
Polish Chamber to Mirror Finish Shilen #5 .30 1x12 SS Select Match Barrel
Turn & True Receiver Face H-S Precision Pro Series DM Black w/ Grey Web Stock
Turn & True Receiver Lugs & Bolt Lugs Rem. 700 DM Trigger Guard 
Hand Lap Locking Lugs & Bolt Ways to 600 grit polish Shilen Oversized Recoil Lug
Cut Barrel to 24" Step Crown Muzzle & Lap to 400 grit Rem. .308 Detachable Magazine
Flute Barrel 8 flutes Leupold Dual Dovetail 2 pc. Base Matte
Cryo Barrel & Action Leupold Dual Dovetail 30mm Rings Matte
Inlet Stock for Barreled Action Pachmayr Recoil Pad
Glass Bed Action & Barrel Channel / Free Float Barrel Sling Swivel Studs
Black Moly-Coat Finish Extra Rem. .308 Detachable Magazine
Jewel Bolt Hard Carry Case
Adj. Trigger to 3lb.
Test Fire for Accuracy  

Weight: 7-1/2 lbs w/o scope.

We can build one like this or change it to meet your needs or budget.


Bullet_Hole_3.gif (1352 bytes) Range: 100 yards Bag Rest 3 Shot Group = .269" center to center

Bullet_Hole_3.gif (1352 bytes)Ammunition: Hornady TAP Precision 168gr BTHP

DR Rem 308 Tgt.JPG (124889 bytes)

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These are the first rounds fired through the barrel to establish the accuracy potential of the gun using factory ammunition as a standard. I feel that with a proper break in period and good handloads the gun is capable of shooting better groups than this. TH.

Customer Testimonial & Target 2003

Li'l 308 kicks butt at Badlands


The new chamber broke in just fine. Thanks, Todd, for a great week of
shooting with this wonderful rifle. Everyone was asking about it. 
"Is that a composite barrel? Why is it so light?" The decelerator
pad was very nice, too. The instructors liked the trigger. No
pressure signs with the 168 GM.

Have a good weekend,

DR Rem 308 Tgt 101003.jpeg (39057 bytes)

Li'l 308


The new Obermeyer .308 Win chamber seems to be just as accurate after
break-in as the original Palma Match chamber with Fed GM 168 gr ammo. 
This group was shot prone from a bipod. A very light wind from the
right and a warm afternoon drifted the group about half and moa high
and left.

This gun is just as accurate prone as weapons weighing half again as
much, and shoots the pants off the heavy boys offhand.

Thanks for best gun I've ever owned,

Pricing: P.O.R.

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