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H.G.C. Custom 6mmBR Benchrest

HGC Rem 6mmBR-1.JPG (48514 bytes)

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Materials list

Chamber 6mmBR w/.260 neck, Thread & Headspace Rem. 700 ADL Med. Action
Polish Chamber to Mirror Finish Shilen 1x12 SS Select Match 1.375 dia. Barrel
Finish Barrel Length to 23" McMillan Blue Marble Light Benchrest Stock
Target Step Crown Muzzle & Lap to 400 grit polish Jewel Benchrest 2oz. Adj. Trigger
Turn & True Receiver Face Sako Style Extractor
Turn & True Receiver Locking Lugs Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
Turn & True Bolt Locking Lugs Shilen Oversized Recoil Lug
Turn & True Bolt Face B-Square Allen Head Stock Screws
Hand Lap Locking Lugs & Receiver Ways to 600 grit polish
Convert to Single Shot w/ Permanent Insert

Inlet Stock for Bbl'd. Action

Glass Bed Action & Bbl. Channel / Free Float Bbl.
Cryo Barreled Action
Matte Blue Receiver & Bolt
Satin Polish Stainless Steel Barrel

Install & Adj. Trigger

We can build one like this or change it to meet your needs.


Bullet Hole 3.gif (1352 bytes) Range: 100yard Bag Rest 5 Shot Group = .275" c to c.

Bullet Hole 3.gif (1352 bytes) Ammunition: Handload-  6mm 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullet Molly Coated, 29grs.  Accurate 2015BR, Norma Brass weighed & turned, Fed Match Lg. Primer.

HGC Rem 6mm BR Tgt.JPG (73210 bytes)     

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Pricing: P.O.R.

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