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Links to gun related sites.

Hunter's Shooting Association -  Hunting, Shooting, Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle loader, Handgun Bow hunting Archery




Armalite Inc.  Home of the AR10 and M15's.

Bang Corporation  A really cool Laser Dry Fire System. (Beats using the TV).

Bar-Sto Precision Machine   Premium Quality Barrels.

Clymer Tools   Chamber Reamers & Tooling.

David Wisniewski's Home Page   Shooters Web Ring Member

H-S Precision Fiberglass Stocks.

JGS Tools   Chamber Reamers & Tooling.

Kirkpatrick Leather Company  Makers of old west holsters and gun belts.

Knights Armament Co. and Knights Manufacturing Co. Home of the SR-25's.

Magnum Research Inc. Home of the Desert Eagle also the Lone Eagle single shot pistol.

McMillan Family Homepage   Fiberglass Stocks & Custom Rifles.

Northwood Shooting Sports Shooting targets and associated accessories. Spinning Targets, Clay Pigeon Throwers, Paper Targets for L.E.

North American Arms, Inc. The mini revolver company.

Northwest Security Products Holster & Gun Case Manufacturer.

Olympic Arms  A good AR-15 company. We use their receivers and parts.

Para-Ordnance Mfg.Inc.  A popular gun and one that is often customized.

Shilen Inc.  Premium Quality Rifle Barrels.

Small Arms Review   Machinegun related magazine web site.

Springfield Armory Home of the M1A and a good choice for a 1911 pistol.

Taurus International A progressive and innovative handgun company.

The Tannery Shop Inc. 80% complete AR Receivers, Guided hunts, Custom AR's and Fur Tanning.

Wenig Custom Gunstocks, Inc.  Walnut & Laminate Stocks

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