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XP-100 .300 TIW        XP-100 .375 x 284

 H.G.C. IPSC Super Match .40 S&W

HGC 40 Super Match 1.JPG (106539 bytes)          HGC 40 Super Match 3.JPG (97020 bytes)        HGC 40 Super Match 4.JPG (89428 bytes)           HGC 40 Super Match 5.JPG (86343 bytes)

Caliber's Available In: 9x21, 9x23, 38 Super, 40 S/W, .45 ACP

Materials List
Para Ordnance Frame Caspian Hybrid Cut Slide
Schuman Hybrid Comp Barrel 4-Port Compensator
C-More SL750 8min. Dot Sight Oversized Mag. Well
Swensen Ambix. Safety w/Guards C&S Ultra Lite Hammer/Sear Set
STI Titanium Trigger HGC Custom Slide Racker
Collar Reverse Plug Titanium Firing Pin
Titanium Hammer Strut Titanium Mainspring Cap
Kings Ext. Slide Release Match Extractor
Brown Beavertail Grip Safety Checkered Mainspring Housing 20LPI.
TNT Low Profile Mag. Release Button Clark Sear Spring
Extended Ejector One Piece Recoil Guide Rod w/ Buffer
Steel Magazine Catch Aluminum Grip Insert
Grip Tape Misc. Internal Parts
Accu-Rail Frame & Slide Slot Frame Front Strap
Cut & Weld Frame for Mag. Well Machine Frame for Ramped Barrel
Lower & Flare Ejection Port Machine Slide for Reverse Collar
Fit Comp to Barrel Fit Barrel to Slide
Fit Barrel to Frame & Cut Barrel Lugs Machine Slide & Comp to Match
Throat & Polish Feed Ramp Machine & Fit Beavertail Grip Safety
Fit Trigger To Frame & Mag. Well Competition Trigger Job
Fit & Contour Ambix. Safety Fit Grip Inserts & Contour to Frame
Drill & Tap Frame for Scope Cut Dovetail for Slide Racker
Fit Slide Release to Para Frame Cryo Barrel & Comp
Polish & Blue Slide & Comp Hard Chrome Frame & Magazines
Hard Chrome Internals & Accessories Anodize Grip Inserts & Slide Racker
Cut & Fit Grip Tape Install Scope

We Can build one like this or change it to meet your needs or budget.

Shop Options
STI, Para Ord. or Caspian Frame 4,5,6,7 Port Compensator
Forward Slide Serration's Flat Top Slide & Comp
Line Serrate Top of Slide Square Trigger Guard
Checker Front of Trigger Guard 20 Lpi. Checker Front Strap 20 Lpi.
Checker Rear of of Slide 30 Lpi. Hard Chrome Entire Gun
BoMar Melted Rear Sight Cut Dovetail Front Sight Cut

Accessory Options

We'll use most manufacturer's accessories items. Customer can select the brands and styles he or she likes as the guns are built to customer specifications.


Bullet Hole 3.gif (1352 bytes) Range: 25yd. Bag Rest 5 Shot Group = .750 center to center.

Bullet Hole 3.gif (1352 bytes)Ammunition: Reload: .40 cal.135gr.TCFMJ, 10.4gr. Accurate #5, Win. Small Rifle Primmer

 Bullet Hole 3.gif (1352 bytes)Chronograph: 5 Shots  Avg. 1328 fps. or 178.8 Power Factor.

 HGC 40 Super Match Tgt 1.JPG (64016 bytes)            HGC 40 Super Match Tgt 2.JPG (88018 bytes)

  Click on Thumbnail for a better view

A word about the above targets. When I hung the target I accidentally put up two. After firing the left target from the ransom rest, I went down to remove it and saw that there were two. I removed the left target and went back to the bench, as the right target was already ruined I decided to fire 5 rounds standing. When I went to remove it I was surprised by the group (or my ability to shoot the group) so I decided to keep it. 

The right target has the left target under it so you can see the original group through both. I numbered the second group so you could differentiate the shots. I tried to remember the right sequence but could be off a little. TH.

Pricing: P.O.R.   As configured in 1998 on your frame $3500.00 (Price subject to change without notice).

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