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Web Changes and News

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

07/27/07 Well it's been a day or two since I did anything on this page (like 4 years). The web site is still pretty much the same. There have been quite a few new guns added to the Custom Gun Pages. Some of the biggest changes since 2003 are in the area of finishes for our Custom  & customer's guns. We now do all our own Anodizing of aluminum parts, DuraCoat which is an air dry finish and now the Ceramic CeraKote which is a baked finish. There are several colors available in the anodizing; the same with DuraCoat and CeraKote. I'm going to work on getting a page up for the finishes as there's getting to be a lot of them. The most recent right now is a hunting rifle we did in Cerakote Sniper Grey which turned out beautiful, better in real life than the pictures show.

I tried to set up an online store with the SSL to take CC's but it was too much for one person to do and manage. I don't have an IT Dept, so if you want to buy something, you'll have to do it the old fashion way and call and talk to a real person. I've got to stay focused on the custom gun orders. I'm working on getting pictures up of the Store items. The ammunition page is mostly done.  It should help being able to see a good picture of the items.

11/09/03 Still been  busy year. We are having a little problem with our web site. The hosting server had to have some upgrades and as a result our site got squashed. I'm in the process of getting it all back up again. Updating the store. It was a little out of date. I've added a new page called "Black Powder Cannons" to our site. There has been a lot of interest in these guns so I decided to dedicate a page to it. I have  a couple of new rifles done that aren't like the others so I'll be getting those up soon.  Also, our AR's are selling well so I'll be doing a page for them. Probably a sub page from Rifles under Store.

05/22/03 It's been a busy first half of the year. We've added a new rifle to the Varmint Rifle section. It's a Rem. 22-250. It's for sale as the customer has not claimed it since it's been done. Check it out if you want a custom rifle without the wait. There is also a new Tactical Rifle that  I'll be adding it in a few days.

05/09/03 There's a good cannon shoot coming up for those of you who are interested in the big toys. Check out the information in our Big Gun Gallery.

01/14/03 Looks like I got  whole lot written last year. So much for last years resolution to write more. We'll see what happens this year. Maybe it takes a year for resolutions to kick in. 

Well, we've had a busy first of the year. Our host server All Vertical went out of business and didn't bother to tell any one until the first of the year. So we've been scrambling trying to get a new host and if your reading this, it's been successful. Some of the pages will be messed up for a while until I can get things back together. It shouldn't be very long as I'm working on it now. There will be some new pages coming up in the Custom Gun section as soon as the major stuff gets fixed. THANKS TO EVERYONE for their business this past year. Without you our business wouldn't be growing.  We'll continue our practice of giving you the best  product and service possible. Thanks again.

To shorten this page up a bit I've consolidated the press releases by year. Look below if you want to read about things a few years ago. I use to have more time.

01/04/02 HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Well as you can see below in the next paragraph it's been awhile since I've added to this page. We've been so busy that I've let this slip. First off I want to THANK EVERYONE for their business this past year. There have been several new guns added to our web site.  They are: AR-15 TC, it has a 18-1/2" barrel with a muzzle brake for an overall length of 20" and a custom length handguard. Next is the Hunting Rifle section: Rem. 700 in .308 and in 7mm Mag. and the last item added has been in the handgun section. It's a Rem. XP-100 .300 TIW or (Whisper). I'll try and keep this page updated a little better than I did last year. Quality and Satisfaction are still the most important things to us. We'll continue to provide our customers with quality products and service and to build the best firearms possible for our customers. Thanks again and have a Great 2002!

01/24/01 The Ogallala Gun Show was a big success. We had a big group of dealers along with a large crowd. I want to thank all the dealers for coming and look forward to next year. Also, I   want to thank the public for coming and supporting the show.

01/03/01 I hope the Holiday Season found you all well. I want to thank all our customers for their business this past year. 2000 was a great year for us. We built more custom rifles than ever before without sacrificing quality or accuracy, and at the same time filling our Law Enforcement orders. Some of the custom hunting rifles that we built for you didn't make the web pages. I had problems with good photos turning out and be of the quality that we need for our web site. I think customers what to see good detailed photos of these guns so they can make a better informed decision on what they want. The black receivers and barrels with black stocks make it hard to get good definition. I'm upgrading our photography equipment to help in this area. 2001 is looking strong and this can only happen with satisfied customers. We will continue to do our best to provide quality products and service for you. Thanks again and have a good and prosperous 2001.

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