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Due to a large interest in black powder cannons and mortars we are happy to host these pages for our friends at the Casper Cannon Club. If you have any questions regarding these cannons or the building of them please contact : Dan McClenahan at 307-267-2636 or E-Mail: danmcclenahan@hotmail.com

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2009 Casper Cannon Shoot

The Range


Aerial View, Spectator Area, 100yd. Smoothbore Targets, 400 & 600yd. Rifled Targets

Opening Ceremony


Aerial Burst with Red Smoke and Boy Scout Flag Presentation


Battery Fire as played from "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Firing Line


Guns of the Shoot

Rifled Cannons


40mm Rifled Guns



2" Rifled Gun



2-1/2" Rifled Gun



3" Rifled Guns


Smoothbore Cannons


1" Smoothbore Gun



2" Smoothbore Gun



3" Smoothbore Guns




Shot Put Mortars


Bowling Ball Mortar



40mm Guns Firing



2" Rifled Gun Firing



2-1/2" Gun Firing



3" Guns Firing



Smoothbore Guns Firing



Mortars Firing


Trophy for Farthest Distance Traveled


Rifled Gun (LEFT TO RIGHT) 3rd Place, 2nd. Place 1st. Place


Sportsman's Trophy


Smoothbore 1st. Place


Match Director Dan & Range Officer - Back Cracker

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