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Make Description Price Photo
H.G.C. Coachgun I


H.G.C. Coachgun I Silver


H.G.C. Coachgun II


H.G.C. Coachgun II-SS


H.G.C. Saiga 12ga. 9-1/4"


P.A.W.S ZX5 9mm
Very popular and sought after copy of the highly effective British Sterling machine gun. American made from some original British and some new-made parts at Bob Imelís Police Automatic Weapons Services (P.A.W.S.) machine shop, this Model ZX-5 is a close copy of the British Sterling sub-machine gun.
There were only about 400 transferable P.A.W.S. sub-machine guns produced between the late '70s and May of 1986


Fleming MP5-SD 9mm
Fleming Sear & Suppressor
HK MP5 Collapsible Stock, Push Pin Swing Down 4 Position Trigger Pack
Stamped MP5SD 1-30rd. Mag., Black Tactical Case
Excellent Condition
On Form 3



Auto Ordnance West Hurley 1928 Thompson .45 ACP 10.5" Barrel Comes with 1 - 100rd. C Drum West Hurley S/N Both Sides (See Pics), 2 - 50rd. Drums, 7- 30rd. Mags (5-Seymour, 1-Cco, 1-SWco, Horizontal Forend, Vertical Forend, Detachable Buttstock, FBI Case, Owners Manual. Note: Magazines had been left in case and show considerable rust. (See Pic), Gun and Drums fine with no rust.


Daewoo / Gilbert Equipment Co. Rare! USAS-12 12ga. 2-3/4" 18" Semi Auto Like New
Comes with 2 - 10rd. Mags. & 20rd. Drum & Original Papers
Registered as Destructive Device
On Form 4
Its design grew up from 1980's vintage designs of Maxwell Atchisson. In about 1989, Gilbert Equipment Co (USA) decided to bring up the selective fired weapon. It turned out that the only maker that agreed to produce this weapon was South Korean company Daewoo Precision Industries, a part of high-tech DAEWOO conglomerate. Daewoo commenced production during early 1990s. This gun sold well to military and security forces of several (unspecified) countries in Asia. During the same time frame Gilbert equipment Co tried to bring semi-automatic version of USAS-12 to US market, but BATF promptly classified this weapon as "having no sporting purpose", so it became "Class III Destructive Device" Very few made it into the US and even fewer were registered and are legally transferable.


Sentinel Arms Corp. Striker-12 12ga. 2-3/4" 12rd. Drum 18" w/ Owners Manual
Used - Like New Condition
Registered as Destructive Device
On form 4 will pay transfer fee.




In stock as of 08/08/20.

All NFA Rules Apply

Price subject to change without notice.

Visa & Mastecard - Add 4%

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