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New @ Hatcher Gun Company

Custom Rifles

Below are some of our newest custom rifles. Check out all our custom rifles in their categories on the left



"The Beast" Custom .338 Lapua Mag.   Custom .22-250 Varmint Rifle


Custom LH .243 Varmint Rifle
Coachgun TT 12ga.   NFA Class 3 Saiga 9-1/4" Short Barrel Shotgun  

Custom Saiga's


New Production Guns

Below are some of our new production rifles & shotguns. Check out their categories on the left.

AR15HB Sidewinder Ambidextrous Side Charge with Slim Handguard Same Width as Receiver.   AR08 RAPTR .308    


Custom Finishes, Checkering & Engraving


Click on a picture to go to our Finishes page.


Concealed Carry Vests

Click on Thumbnail to go to our Apparel page.

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